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A/C Installation

We install and maintain HVAC systems for homes and businesses in many different types of buildings.


A/C Repair

We repair and replace HVAC systems for homes and businesses in many different types of buildings.


Air Duct Repair

We have a air duct expert who will inspect your ducts and provide images displaying the before and after of your ducts.


Ductless Minisplit

We also specialize in minisplit HVAC systems for those who need the accomodation.


Electric Furnace Installation

We’re well versed in the handling of electrical furnace installations, and our team can provide the professionalism and quality you need, when you need it.


Electric Furnace Repair

Like any other piece of equipment or hardware in your home, there will come a time when your electrical furnace simply cannot keep up with demand any longer.


Flame Sensor Repair

Over time, if the flame sensor is not cleaned appropriately, oxidation or carbon buildup can restrict the flame sensor’s ability to work properly, which can cause the furnace to malfunction.


Gas Furnace Installation

A gas furnace is a forced air home heating unit that produce warm air for your house, and most common in regions of the country that experience temperatures that often drop below freezing.


Gas Furnace Repair

When deciding to install a new gas furnace you’ll need to decide if it is best to repair your broken furnace or to replace it completely.

We proudly support the

Warrior Reunion Foundation

Semper Fi Air is pleased to offer a 7% discount (up to $1000) on our installations with your $75 donation to WRF. We also donate an additional 10% of our annual profits to the foundation.

About WRF: Warrior Reunion Foundation ( is an IRS certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2017 by Marine Corps combat veterans with a bias for action.  

We Believe our nation’s warriors will succeed in life the way we succeed in battle: togetherOn a mission to Reconnect America’s Warriors, WRF provides cost-free reunions to military units that deployed to combat together, for all service branches and for any armed conflict or war. 

We Deliver unparalleled, all-inclusive reunion experiences to reconnect America’s warriors, while providing all required planning support and covering all costs associated with reunion execution.


“I can’t say enough how happy I am with the work that Matt and one of his helpers with Semper Fi Air did for me at my home. I had 2 rooftop air conditioners, 2 heaters in the garage, and over 20 ducts. They replaced all of this, showed up exactly when they said they would, and did it for the price they quoted. The new systems work amazing.”

Madonna M.

“Matt from Semper Fi Air was incredible. I needed a quote for a complete replacement of my Furnace and AC. Matt explained exactly what I needed, at a price that was half of what I had received by two other companies. His work is exceptional with extreme attention to detail. He leaves you with the feeling of family and not just a number.”

Joyce L.


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